Design Arts

School of Architecture

Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture

The Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture provides a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for professional careers in Houston and locations throughout the globe. Houston’s ever-changing cityscape offers architecture students an exceptional laboratory for creative exploration. The public is invited to architecture lectures throughout the year, where topics related to architecture in Houston and beyond are explored on an on-going basis with leading industry experts.

Graphic Communications

The Graphic Communications program within the School of Art provides students with an understanding of the power and impact that design has on our daily lives. Students of graphic design at UH learn methodologies and skills that prepare them to become top competitors in the national design-job market and leaders within the profession. The culmination of the UH Graphic Communications student’s education is a free, public senior exhibition that showcases environmental, interactive, motion, print and web projects.

Community Programs


The Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture’s Community Design Resource Center designs solutions to the urban challenges of affordable housing and community development in Houston’s low-to-moderate income neighborhoods. Since 2005, the college has partnered with 15 community-based organizations, including METRO and the City of Houston, to enhance quality of life for more than 500 residents and stakeholders.

The University of Houston Graphic Communications Program

The University of Houston Graphics Alumni Partnership (UH GAP) connects the Graphic Communications Program and the ever-growing community of professionals and academics who have passed through its studios through theUniversity of Houston Graphics Alumni Partnership. UH GAP raises awareness within the communities it serves about the value of design education and the role of graphic design in society, and strives to serve alumni, graduates, and the design community at large.