UC To Experience Simplex Fire Alarm Testing Beginning October 28, 2013

The UC Project Contractor Tellepsen, Simplex (the fire alarm system vendor), and ultimately the UH Fire Marshal’s Office will be testing all fire alarm system components for all renovated and new space within the University Center beginning Monday, October 28 and lasting through an estimated end date of Saturday, November 30. These testing procedures and inspections are required to obtain approval for the future occupation of all new and renovated space. Announcements will be made during testing each day indicating that testing is in progress. Simplex staff will be monitoring the fire alarm panel and systems at all times during testing.

Please expect that we will experience multiple alarms each day during testing periods. During identified testing periods when alarms and visual strobes are activated, building occupants and users will not be required to evacuate the University Center unless instructed that there is a real fire. If an announcement is made over the intercom to evacuate the University Center in the event of a real building emergency all occupants and users will be required to comply with all instructions. Once testing has been completed each day an announcement will be made over the intercom.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the UC Administrative Services and Operations Office at 832-842-6260.

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