Don't Miss the New Lynn Eusan Park Stage Ribbon-Cutting

Early this spring the Lynn Eusan Park Stage received a major ‘facelift’ and is now set to open. The reconstructed stage was relocated and expanded to better serve the needs of the campus community. On Wednesday, April 17th at noon there will be a Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony, celebrating the completion of the new Lynn Eusan Park stage. As part of the ceremony, there will be a NPHC step performance and musical performances from students, along with FREE Ice Cream cones provided by Little Shasta’s.

The new stage is now located adjacent to Cougar Village and the Conrad N. Hilton School of Hotel and Restaurant Management, which is identified by the black circled location noted on the map below.  The dashed lines indicate current campus traffic patterns, showing its location at the center of foot traffic along the southern side of campus.

New features include lighting and sound system enhancements, which will support events such as small to mid-size concerts, speeches, plays, and outdoor movie screenings. When not being used for events, the area around the stage and the stage itself will be an excellent location for outdoor lounging and other activities.

“We are truly excited for the impact this stage will have on student life on campus,”

“We are truly excited for the impact this stage will have on student life on campus,” said   Keith T. Kowalka, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs – Student Life. “Centrally located near several residence halls and just a few steps from the M.D. Anderson Library and University Center, the new stage in Lynn Eusan Park will be the premier hub for outdoor programming for the entire campus.”