Department Policies

1.1 Rules of Conduct PDF
1.2 Hours of Operation PDF
1.3 Advertising - ADA Compliance PDF
1.4 Authority to Contact Legal Counsel PDF
1.5 Miscellaneous Policy General PDF
2.1 Attendance PDF
2.2 Staff Performance Appraisal PDF
2.3 Excess & Overtime Compensation PDF
2.4 Mode of Dress PDF
2.5 Payroll Check Distribution PDF
2.6 Temporary Personnel PDF
2.7 Student Employment Policy PDF
2.8 Mandatory Online Training PDF
3.1 Purchase Vouchers PDF
3.13 Year End Inventory PDF
3.13.A Year End Inventory Procedure PDF
3.2 Cash Handling PDF
3.2.A Cash Handling Procedure PDF
3.2.B Cash Incident Report PDF
3.2.C Creidt Card PDF
3.3 Year End Resale Inventory PDF
3.3.A Year End Resale Inventory Procedure PDF
3.4 Sales Income PDF
3.5 Procurement Card PDF
3.5.A Procurement Card Procedures PDF
3.5.B Unauthorized Procurement Card Use PDF
3.5.C Procurement Card Expenditure Form PDF
4.1 Telecommunications & Computing PDF
4.2 Electronic Mail & Computer Safety PDF
4.2A Authorized Software PDF
4.2B Unauthorized Software PDF
4.3 Software License-Purchasing & Use PDF
4.3A Computer Software Review PDF
4.5 Disaster Recovery PDF
5.1 Key Control Building PDF
5.2 Key Control Unit PDF
5.3 Motor Vehicle Record Evaluation Policy-MVR PDF
5.4 Work Request Policy PDF