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Submission Timeline

Please notify the College Research Administrator as soon as you identify a funding opportunity, even if you are unsure of whether you will apply for it.


8 Weeks Out:

  • PI Responsibilities
    • Recruit Co-Investigator(s)
    • Notify College Research Administrator once you have decided to apply
    • Submit research design to Internal Review Board (IRB), if required prior to submission
    • Enroll in CITI Human Research Training (if research involves Human Subjects)
    • Identify sub-awards and request required documentation
  • College Research Administrator Responsibilities
    • Obtain necessary user-ids and passwords
    • Review solicitation and create proposal checklist

4 Weeks Out:

  • PI Responsibilities
    • Meet with the College Research Administrator to plan a budget outline
    • Ensure that conflict of interest form has been filed with the OCG
    • Contact Department Chair for approvals of any required cost share
    • Provide all information needed to route the RAMP transmittal
  • College Research Administrator Responsibilities
    • Create budget template
    • Initiate the RAMP Transmittal

2 Weeks Out:

  • PI Responsibilities
    • Provide all sub-award paperwork
    • Email copies of grant components to the College Research Administrator for review
    • Obtain final approvals for any required cost share from your Department Chair and the Dean. The Dean's office requires seven (7) business days to review your request.
  • College Research Administrator Responsibilities
    • Finalize budget with PI
    • Review all grant components and provide feedback

1 Week Out:

  • PI Responsibilities
    • Complete any necessary revisions with the College Research Administrator
    • Approve RAMP transmittal
  • College Research Administrator Responsibilities
    • Route RAMP transmittal
    • Communicate any additional changes that need to be made prior to submission

3 Days Out:

  • PI Responsibilities
    • Provide final drafts of all proposal documents for final review and upload to submission portal
  • College Research Administrator Responsibilities
    • Perform final review of budget and proposal documents

0-3 Days Out:

  • PI Responsibilities
    • Be available to make any revisions to proposal documents prior to deadline
    • Review final proposal prior to submission by College Research Administrator
  • College Research Administrator Responsibilities
    • Submits final proposal with PI approval