K-12 Students Spend a Day Exploring Technology


Kindergarten through 12th grade students from 11 schools in Houston visited the University of Houston College of Technology Complex Fluids Laboratory on July 11. Ms. Sineria Ordonez, program manager for the Hispanic Houston Forum (HHF), accompanied the students. Dr. Kamran Alba, assistant professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology and his lab assistants taught the students about the various science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields, and explained the differences between mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical and computer engineering. Before a trip to the lab, the students were given a safety demonstration. Students observed experiments on particulate and multiphase flows and the mixing of different liquids and solids. The students were also shown how high speed cameras can be used to study fluid flows. This visit is the first HHF-CFL event, part of an ongoing collaboration and outreach effort between the two, with a week-long camp held for K-12 students every summer.