Your Neighborhood is Under Construction – A Story of Gentrification in Houston’s Third Ward

Digital Media student's ambitious video project experience teaches about the challenges of the changing Third Ward landscape.

Kaylah Hubbard
Kaylah Hubbard

Aware of the gentrification trend in her hometown Chicago, Illinois, Kaylah Hubbard was intrigued by the impact on Houston's Third Ward community, a historically African-American neighborhood in the Houston community, just a stone's throw from the University of Houston. "When I began to explore the topic, I quickly realized that many weren't even sure of its meaning," Kaylah said. A junior in the University of Houston College of Technology Digital Media program, she had a variety of topical choices and approaches for her video production project. But, her fascination about what was happening and motivation to help educate others steered her toward producing a documentary which required an entire semester of research and reaching out to Houston's community leaders for commentary and insight.

The video features University of Houston's Dr. Elwyn C. Lee, Vice President of Community Relations and Institutional Access. She produced the documentary for a video production course taught by Professor Philip Snyder.

View it here: Your Neighborhood is Under Construction