Engineering Technology Alumnus Reflects on Impact of Program on His Career

Raúl Williamson
Raúl Williamson is a licensed professional electrical engineer (P.E.), experienced in medium voltage and high voltage poly-phase system design, analysis and testing associated with industrial and utility applications.

Raúl Williamson, (’01) earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering Technology and launched his career as an electrical testing technician at Dashiell Corporation fresh out of college. Since then, he has risen to technical director, the highest technical position in the company.

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Williamson said he had many choices when it was time to attend college. He was attracted to the University of Houston’s College of Technology because the program sounded like it was the best fit for him. “Growing up, I was very attracted to mechanical and electrical work and eventually discovered how exciting it was to come up with solutions for various projects using my skills in those areas,” he said. Having climbed Dashiell’s company ladder into a position that is what he calls best of both worlds, “I have become the technical bridge between engineering, testing technicians and project management for the company and it’s an awesome position,” said Williamson.

Reflecting on his decision to attend the University of Houston, Raúl said, “I thought that engineering was where I wanted to be, and after my first semester at UH, I realized that I had a love for the hands-on projects and lab work offered by the College of Technology.”

Acknowledging the importance of hard work and persistence, he recalled how his dad inspired his journey. “Not only did it seem as if he could fix just about anything, he was always hardworking, encouraging, and dedicated to making sure that whatever I did was going to be my best,” he said. A busy married father of four children, Raúl passes on the same inspiration to his own family.

When asked about what advice he would share with students in their pursuit of a career, Williamson emphasizes that self-motivation, willingness to continue learning and determination are critical, in addition to knowing your talents, gifts, and enjoying what you are doing. “I especially appreciate several supportive faculty and staff, who were extremely busy, but approachable and willing to give the time, which is important,” he added.

What’s next for Raúl? “My position is very dynamic, which makes it exciting. I figure things out and come up with solutions for a variety of entities, from customers to the technicians, construction group, and engineering.” My philosophy is that I am here to support people and solve problems. I am grateful that Dashiell recognizes my abilities and provides outstanding opportunities to deepen my experience and knowledge.”