Technology Students Present their Research Innovations at UH

Engineering Technology Student Team

Conducting research gives students a competitive edge when they enter the professional world. Students look forward to Research Days at the University of Houston as an opportunity to apply their knowledge and demonstrate their inventiveness to the advancement of the future of science and technology. College of Technology faculty are actively involved with students as mentors.

Thirty-four undergraduate engineering technology and biotechnology students presented the results of their research projects at UH's 11th Annual Undergraduate Research Day on October 22. A total of 175 UH students participated among 11 academic colleges.

The full listing of poster presentations and team members can be viewed at:

During the Graduate Research Projects and Scholarship Day, which was held on October 30, four graduate students from the retailing and consumer science, construction management, engineering technology, and biotechnology programs presented their research during the poster session.

Graduate research topics crossed a diverse range of consumer, electronic, and medical technologies, including:

  • Jingwei Cai, The Role of Social Variables in U.S. Consumer Loyalty Regarding Chinese Consumer Electronics
  • Ander Galisten, Can Super-resolution Imaging Improve Skin Cancer Detection on Handheld Devices?
  • Manivka Mohan, Micro-direct Methanol Fuel Cell Enabled Green and Sustainable Wireless Sensor Network - Video:
  • Anne Wright, Postpartum Nurses' Personal Infant Feeding Experiences and Their Influence on Nursing Practice