Engineering & Construction Contracting Association Honors Alumnus John Dalton with Lifetime Achievement Award

A celebratory video was shown during the 47th Annual ECC Conference, September 9-12, at the JW Marriott Hill Country Resort, San Antonio, TX. View the video in which several colleagues acknowledge his sustained loyalty, leadership, and enduring commitment to excellence in business, industry, and education.

The Engineering and Construction Contracting Association selected UH alumnus John Dalton for the esteemed Lifetime Achievement Award, an honor that signals the value of his pivotal role in establishing the connection between industry and academia.

Dalton earned his Bachelor of Science and Master's degrees at the University of Houston. His tenure of over thirty years' experience in engineering and construction, includes more than twenty years of dedication to executive management at WoodGroup Mustang.

Serving as chair of the Construction Industries Institute (CII), Dalton has made a lasting impact by spearheading the formation of the process and industrial construction management degree at UH and forming an industrial advisory board to oversee the development of the process and industrial construction management degree. Dalton's guidance of an influential business and industry consortium has helped the College of Technology to produce a unique curriculum in process and industrial construction, which is the only such program in North America.

Expressing appreciation for Dalton's diligence, Dr. Neil Eldin, chair of the UH Construction Management Department said, "John has reinforced the university's efforts to increase scholarship and operational funding for our program, with more than $600,000 in donations. We are grateful for his leadership of the UH College of Technology Construction Management Board of Advisors." Dalton personally established a $50,000 scholarship endowment for the UH construction management students.

"A committed and rock-solid supporter, who demonstrates exemplary service and leadership of the College of Technology Advisory Board, we are indeed inspired by John, whose innovative thinking, entrepreneurial spirit, and visionary leadership, empowers us and our future leaders," said Dr. William Fitzgibbon, dean of the College of Technology.