Houston Electrical League Awards Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Students

From left: Dr. Ivanovich Estrada-Guel, Armando Tejado Ochoa, and Octavio Alberto Herrera Sanchez
Left to right: Joseph McCormick, Jenny Jacob, Naim Ali, Kevin Ngo, Chandrima Dutta, Jonathan Le, Viktoriya Kauffman and Chiraz Bessaoud

The Houston Electrical League (HEL) announced the winners of $7500 in scholarships and paid internships for 2015.    

Recipients of scholarships funding include four supply chain and logistics students in the College of Technology: Chiraz Bessaoud, Chandrima Dutta, Viktoriya Kauffman, and Jonathan Le. Scholarship recipient, Viktoriya Kauffman said, "I am honored and grateful that the scholarship will allow me to be one step closer to graduating without extra debt on my shoulders. I truly appreciate Houston Electric League’s involvement and support in the University of Houston students’ careers. It drives us toward academic excellence and helps us to recognize new horizons in the industry."

In addition to the scholarships, the Houston Electrical League coordinates facilitates paid twelve-week internships, which will begin in May 2015. Supply chain and logistics students, Naim Ali, Joseph McCormick, and Jenny Jacob, and Kevin Ngo will be assigned to companies affiliated with the Houston Electric League where they will learn different aspects of business operations and processes.

Looking forward to getting started on his internship with Electrical Controller Products, Naim Ali said, "I am excited about developing new professional relationships and learning from individuals who have had hands on experience in the supply chain logistics and technology field".