Visiting Scholar Pursues Study of International Logistics

The University Of Houston College Of Technology welcomes Mariam Benhaddou as Visiting Scholar in the Information and Logistics Technology Department from January to March this semester. During her visit, she will conduct research related to international logistics, working with her advisor, Dr. (Liang-Chieh) Victor Cheng, Associate Professor in the Department of Information & Logistics Technology. She is pursuing a master’s degree in port management and international transportation at the University of Science and Technology of Tangier. 

After earning her DEUG in geology at the University of Science and Technology of Tangier, Mariam completed her M.S. in Environmental Protection at the University of Science and Technology of Tangier, and a technician degree in business administration at the MIAGE School. In addition, she has completed internships in several organizations, landing a job in a company that does business with the Port of Tangier (Tanger-Med).

Intrigued by the expansion of the Tanger-Med, one of the largest ports on the Mediterranean and in Africa, near her birthplace Tangier Morocco, Mariam recognized an opportunity to participate in the historically significant boom in economic development for her country. The port has connections with 127 other ports in 57 countries. It ranks 55th among the world’s largest maritime facilities.

Mariam’s motivation to complete her graduate study research requirement at the University of Houston was sparked by its location. Noted as the nation’s leading breakbulk port, the Port of Houston consistently ranks first in the United States in imports and export tonnage.  

Hosting graduate student visiting scholars is a relatively new venture for the College of Technology. "We are pleased to offer this opportunity and open our doors to students who want to come to the United States to sharpen their knowledge and skills in logistics. Our focus on energy the supply chain and transportation is an attraction for international collaborators. It is great visibility for our program in the College of Technology," said Dr. Cheng.