Spring Semester Welcome

Dr. William E. Fitzgibbon III, Dean
Dr. William E. Fitzgibbon III, Dean


I am delighted to welcome our new and continuing College of Technology students. We are pleased to report that the College continues to make remarkable progress toward ranking among the largest on campus. According to recent reports, 4,823 students are enrolled this semester. We are proud that all academic areas continue to achieve outstanding growth each semester and from year to year. In fact, our enrollment has increased nearly 17% since this time last year.

Highlighting a few examples, the undergraduate student enrollment in the Information and Logistics Technology Department and Engineering Technology have demonstrated exceptional growth – at increases of 23% and 15%, respectively, over spring 2014. The Construction Management, Bachelor of Science program has climbed to 514 in enrollment, up 19%. One of the newest graduate programs, the Global Retailing Master of Science has experienced steady growth, increasing by 64% since spring 2014.

We appreciate your continued interest in the accomplishments of students, faculty, and alumni. You are a vital part of our team.  

With warm regards,
Dean William F. Fitzgibbon, III