Technology Center Forms a Fitting Partnership for Training

Realizing that virtual online courses have become the norm for many working professionals, Piping Technology & Products is leveraging more than thirty years of manufacturing experience with expertise within the UH Center for Technology Literacy (CTL) to train engineers in piping design.

The Center for Technology Literacy (CTL), promotes education and training in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). In addition, it focuses on the educational needs of the energy business sector within Houston, Texas. Dr. Gary Whittredge, coordinator of energy education and training for the CTL said, "We have the capability to develop a wide ranging educational curriculum, with courses that address first level supervisory training, and the basics of entrepreneurship."

The course, Piping Design and Analysis Influence on Pipe Support Selection and Design, is an overview of piping design and analysis, including factors that affect overall configuration, piping layout, the total system, as well as an introductory into pipe stress analysis (flexibility concerns and other design considerations); and how all those factors ultimately influence pipe support and pipe hanger design.

Field engineers, maintenance engineers, piping designers, process engineers, operations managers, operators, anyone working with new construction, or new engineers just starting out are taking the course. Essentially anyone who is designing a new piping system, changing a current system, surveying, or just needing to produce specifications for pipe supports can benefit from the course.

"We are seeing an increased need for piping designers and engineers as a significant number of retirees are exiting our industry. There are few avenues for an up and coming piping designer or engineer, and our piping design course is one of the few programs available," said UH alumnus Randy Bailey, vice president of Piping Technology & Products.

The 30-day online course is approved for eight professional development credit hours.

View course dates and register online: Piping Design Course at UH

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