Engineering Technology Student Wins Energy Explorer Scholarship

College of Technology undergrad student Christian J. Kuhasz has been awarded the Energy Explorer Scholarship. The award was announced during the UH Energy Symposium, March 31, 2015. Made possible through support from Statoil North America and Direct Energy, the $1500 scholarship is designated for students pursuing an energy-related major or minor or conducting research in an energy related field.

 After working for two years at a directional drilling company, Christian was motivated to pursue his degree, knowing that it would prepare him with better opportunities for a successful career. The diversity of technical and engineering programs attracted him to the University of Houston.

"Since the first time I stepped onto the campus, it has been a fantastic experience. I couldn't be happier with my decision to return to school," Christian said. Now in his junior year at the University of Houston, he is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering technology with a minor in drilling technology. As a research assistant for the   Petroleum Technology Initiative in the College of Technology, he now has a deeper understanding of the importance of industry involvement while being in college.  

Upon graduating, Christian plans to join an exploration and production company as a drilling engineer, where he can contribute the skills he learned in the field as well as apply the knowledge he gained in the classroom.