Innovative Undergraduate Researchers Proudly Display Engineering Technology Solutions

Undergraduate Research Day 2014

(Left to right): Eddie Gil, David Nguyen, Michael Vo, Joseph Sanchez, An Nguyen with Professor Mequanint Moges

UH Undergraduate Research Day 2014

The University of Houston held its 10th annual Undergraduate Research Day at the Rockwell Pavilion, in the M.D. Anderson Library on Thursday October 9, 2014. More than 150 undergraduate students from the University displayed their research experiences through various presentations.

Proving that innovation is thriving in the College of Technology, several student groups with the guidance of Dr. Mequanint Moges and Professor Raresh Pascali, presented detailed research projects such as automated pill dispenser, substation security drone, integrated control unit system, and adaptive multifactor routing with constrained data sets.

Team H.I.T.S. developed the concept of a user-friendly, automated pill dispenser, with the idea that a person with multiple prescriptions could deposit all of their medicine into one device. At specified intervals, the person would go to the device, authenticate themselves, and retrieve their dosage. The device would help monitor prescriptions and ensure safe and accurate use. This senior project proposal was created by Travis Alexander, Evan Bass, Eric Diaz, Raphael Freas and Rodolfo Reyes.

The idea of the Substation Security Drone was created by Eddie Gil, An Nguyen, David Nguyen, Joseph Sanchez and Michael Vo. With the drone, their goal is to prevent impractical repair costs that could be passed down to the user and/or be taken on by the company provider. Substations are being vandalized throughout the U.S. causing disruptions in services and massive repair and labor costs, and the drone would be used to survey these substations. The drone would monitor the area and once it detects movement, an alert would be sent to the proper authorities.