Supply Chain and Logistics Entrepreneur Shares Experience

Paul Broussard
Paul Broussard, founder and president of Broussard Logistics inspired information and logistics technology students and members of the Supply Chain Industry and Distribution Organization (SIDO) during his talk on November 6. Broussard Logistics is a third party logistics company with operations in Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta. The business has grown from a two-person office to a multi-state office with 55 employees today.

Distinguished entrepreneur, Paul Broussard, (BBA '66), is president of Broussard Logistics, captivated students with the history of logistics in Houston during a talk on Thursday, November 6, at the University of Houston College of Technology. Broussard's fascinating 40-year career started in the 70's during the highpoint of the Texas oil boom—a period of robust construction and energetic economic growth. It was then that Paul and his cousin, Steve Broussard, Vice President, discovered a market niche in third-party logistics.

"At that time, most of the regional companies were uninformed about in-house transportation and logistics," said Broussard. Broussard's intuition, knowledge, and transportation industry expertise drove his commitment to solve the challenges of moving equipment and products and managing freight more efficiently.

Through the years, the business flourished as they realized the significance of focusing on customer needs by offering tailor-made solutions. Their knowledge and buying advantage helped clients to minimize costs and become more competitive. Broussard Logistics has since expanded into Illinois, Tennessee, and Georgia. A Broussard business unit (BTS) was re-branded as Freight Cowboy, with tremendous commercial success.

"The College of Technology is grateful for Paul Broussard and his leadership and willingness to share his in-depth industry experience with the College of Technology students," said Maria Burns who directs the Center for Logistics and Transportation Policy.