Faculty Spotlight: HDCS Dr. JungKun Park

Dr. JungKun Park joined the Department of Human Development and Consumer Sciences in 2010 from Purdue University where he was Assistant professor in E-commerce in the Department of Consumer Sciences and Retailing. Dr. Park's research is shaping global retailing best practices as demonstrated through an extensive portfolio of publications in international retailing, sales and marketing, and e-commerce journals. He is widely noted as a scholar and expert in the many fascinating and trending areas of social media, online consumer behavior, interactive mobile marketing technologies that affect consumers and businesses. In recognition of his scholarly contributions, Dr. Park was awarded the College of Technology Fluor Award for Faculty Research Excellence in 2012.

Park’s research interests range from social media, to how technology trends like how ubiquitous commerce (u-commerce) is influencing consumer behavior. 

"One of the misconceptions about retailing and consumer science is that anyone can become a retailing expert.  It is a much more complex science than that because it is multidisciplinary," said Dr. Park. "Retailing is highly dynamic and ever changing. In fact, retail employees who are on the frontline of consumer interaction are often emotionally exhausted, which is a phenomenon that is driving more research in the area of the impact of emotion on job performance and satisfaction," he said.

Park currently teaches research methods, consumer behavior, and e-tailing management in the global retailing program. "Our new global retailing graduate program has a distinctive international flair, with more than 22 students representing 10 countries," he said. "There is not a comparable global retailing master's program in the United States," Dr. Park added.

When asked about his teaching philosophy, Dr. Park pointed out the need to respect the different learning styles of students and the importance of incorporating various creative teaching methods, including lectures, class assignments, discussion groups, visual and multimedia, guest speakers, and student projects. "I view my role as serving as a medium for student involvement and strive to stimulate their creativity which is vital to the development of their future careers," said Dr. Park. "Hopefully, the infusion of my research makes the classroom experience more interesting to the students," he added.

Watch for Dr. Park’s upcoming publication, "The Role of Listening in e-Contact Center Customer Relationship Management" will be featured in the Journal of Services Marketing. Volume 29 (2015).