Faculty Spotlight: HDCS Dr. Andy Hines

Dr. Andy Hines - Preparing professionals to make more creative, innovative, and forward-looking decisions

Dr. Andy Hines is Foresight Graduate Program Coordinator and lecturer in the UH College of Technology Department of Human Development and Consumer Science. A seasoned consultant, and organizational futurist, Dr. Hines brings a wealth of diverse experience including a role as Managing Director of Social Technologies/Innovaro, and as a partner with Coates & Jarratt, Inc., a think tank and consulting firm that specialized in the study of the future. In addition, he served as Futurist and Senior Ideation Leader at the Dow Chemical Company, using futures tools and knowledge to turn ideas into new business opportunities. Before that, Hines established and ran the Global Trends Program for the Kellogg Company.

“The work that we are doing here in the University of Houston Foresight program is important. The world needs more foresight, and it is our job to help provide that,” said Hines. “Our big vision is that Foresight becomes a disseminated practice with widespread use. In the meantime, we will work toward making our program the premier training ground for professional futurists and for those seeking to meet future challenges in their lives and organizations.”

Dr. Hines completed his dissertation on “The Role of an Organizational Futurist in Integrating Foresight into Organizations” in 2012. He has authored five books: Teaching about the Future: The Basics of Foresight Education (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012); ConsumerShift: How Changing Values Are Reshaping the Consumer Landscape (No Limits Publishing, 2011); Thinking About the Future: Guidelines for Strategic Foresight (Social Technologies, 2007); 2025: Science and Technology Reshapes US and Global Society (Oak Hill, 1997); and Managing Your Future as an Association (ASAE, 1994).

Also, he has authored dozens of articles, speeches, and workshops, earning the 2003 Emerald Literati Awards' Outstanding Paper accolade for best article published in Foresight for “An Audit for Organizational Futurists” and the 2008 award for “Scenarios: The State of the Art.” Hines has appeared on several radio and television programs, PBS Houston, KRIV-26 News, and the CBS “Early Show.” He also co-founded and served as Chair of the Association of Professional Futurists.

Connect with Dr. Hines at http://www.andyhinesight.com/