Faculty Spotlight: ILT Professor Lila Carden

Dr. Lila Carden is an Instructional Associate Professor in the Technology Project Management Program in the Information, Logistics and Technology (ILT) Department.

Carden currently teaches several project management courses where her teaching philosophy includes providing academic tools for students to learn the fundamental contents of the courses through conducting research, problem solving and critical thinking. As an example, in the Project Management Seminar and Integration Project Seminar classes, Dr. Carden and project faculty chairs assist students in conducting academic research and executing technology-related projects including software upgrades, training programs, supply chain projects, and security initiatives.

Judy Rodriguez, a current Technology Project Management Program graduate student who earned her B.S. in Electrical Power Engineering and Technology in 2013 from the UH College of Technology, recently landed a position as a service center consultant at CenterPoint Energy. She gives credit to what she learned by taking classes from Dr. Carden and other faculty. “This is a new stepping stone that was made more achievable with positive educators like Dr. Carden who helped to make it possible for a busy mother, full-time employee, and full-time student to successfully understand project management concepts and apply the knowledge to the real world”, she said.

Conducting research has been a passion for Carden who earned the Academy of Human Resource Development Monica Lee Research Excellence Award and the Academy of Human Resource Development Malcolm Knowles Dissertation first runner-up award in 2008. Continuing her research initiatives, she has published approximately nineteen academic articles focusing on various research topics including risk management, project management, Six Sigma, and other management-related issues. She has also participated in several research grants.

An avid supporter of the advancement of project management, Carden has participated in a broad range of presentations including academic and professional. The presentations included disseminating management-related topics in the classroom at Texas A&M University and Clark Atlanta University. Dr. Carden, along with other information and logistics technology program faculty, was involved in conducting presentations for Greatwall Drilling and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Carden has continued to promote the advancement of the project management profession by presenting at academic conferences and professional meetings.

Dr. Carden earned her MBA from University of Houston in 1991 and her Ph.D. in Human Resource Development from Texas A&M University in 2007. She is also a Project Management Professional certified by the Project Management Institute. Carden has taught previously at various academic institutions and has approximately 20 years’ experience in auditing; oil & gas contracting, scheduling, and nominations; and project and program management.

“As an alumnus, I feel privileged to work with exceptional students, faculty, staff and administration. It is quite rewarding to be a part of an institution that not only espouses excellence, but also implements excellence in academic and research initiatives,” said Dr. Carden.