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Donor Spotlight

Funding the future of the oil field


HalliburtonFor students at the University of Houston's College of Technology, there's a sense of accomplishment felt upon receiving first-hand experience in their future field. That's exactly how UH engineering technology senior Abdessamad Hatim felt while attending Camp Red at Halliburton during the university's spring break this year.

"There are no words to express my gratitude for this opportunity," Hatim said. "It was a wonderful time not only learning, but also experiencing work on different rigs and actual worksites."

Camp Red is a sister project to Camp Bevo, an effort between the University of Texas and Halliburton, for engineering-related students to obtain an up-close look at the oilfield services industry. The camp was such a success that Halliburton's University Affairs department approached the faculty and dean of UH's College of Technology with the idea of developing a similar program.

Halliburton"The university was very enthusiastic about the opportunity," Palaz said. "We were able to work together to develop Camp Red, a program that not only includes a spring-break camp, but it is also an elective course worth three hours of college credit to primarily senior-level engineering technology students. Establishing the camp was an outstanding accomplishment for our training group, as well as for the university."

The program comprised a five-day camp for 23 students and three professors. The week included projects that challenged the students' technical and creative skills, along with tours of rigs. At the end of the camp, students had the chance to speak with representatives from University Affairs at Halliburton to learn about possible opportunities with the company.

Camp Red is just one way that Halliburton partners with UH to help develop the future workforce of the petroleum technology industry. The corporation has renewed funding of the College of Technology's Petroleum Technology Initiative, now in its second year of offering electives under the Mechanical Engineering Technology major. For the 2007-2008 school year, Halliburton funded scholarships and a luncheon series featuring petroleum experts speaking on topics such as the digital oil field. For 2008-2009, Halliburton will provide 30 $1,000 semester scholarship gifts to UH College of Technology students.

The partnership between Halliburton and the College of Technology has been a positive one that has impacted engineering technology students, encouraging them to pursue and excel in their chosen career.

Halliburton"Camp Red has encouraged me to take Fundamentals of Drilling Technology this semester," Hatim said. "Receiving this opportunity will help me tremendously in reaching my educational goals."

– Martha Chavez