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Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems

Require Materials

Textbook None
Internet Access Yes
Email Account Yes
WebCT Account Yes


Consent of Faculty Coordinator

Course Expectations

As an intern student of the University of Houston's College of Technology's Computer Information Systems program, you are expected to conduct yourself in a professional manner both on campus and when working at the sponsor location. Interns will maintain professional dress that adheres to company dress policy and possess a demeanor that reflects the organization in which they are doing their internship.

Course Objectives

At this point in your academic career, you should be preparing to lead or significantly contribute to IT/IS related projects ranging in scope from day-to-day operations to long-term mission critical operations. The specific course objectives are to provide you with an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills obtained in the classroom to real life situations, develop and refine your problem-solving techniques, refine your written communications skills, and to aid your personal development in: self-confidence, motivation, and responsibility with a focus on becoming a leader in the IT/IS field.

Internship Procedure

  • Express your interest in completing an internship to an Computer Information Systems full-time faculty member. If the faculty member agrees to sponsor your internship, s/he will be your coordinator and will set the goals and objectives for the internship.
  • Complete any prerequisite courses or tasks assigned by your faculty coordinator.
  • Compose a preliminary statement (Course Entry Proposal) of the goals and objectives to be met by the internship. Discuss and refine the statement with your faculty coordinator.
  • Identify possible internship facilities and mentors with the approval of your faculty coordinator. The internship position must provide relevant IT work experience with a supervisor/mentor who is an IT professional. Schedule an interview with the potential mentor(s).
  • Discuss your statement of goals and objectives with the potential mentor. Incorporate applicable suggestions made by the mentor into your statement of goals and objectives.
  • Prepare a Final Course Proposal. It must be signed by the on-site mentor, the faculty coordinator, and you.
  • File the signed Course Entry Proposal with your faculty coordinator, and with the department program manager. Your faculty coordinator will provide you with the appropriate section number so that you may enroll for the Internship.
  • Complete the internship. Undergraduate internships require 135 hours of on-site work. Document your hours using the Work Log Format.
  • During the internship, complete and submit any required term papers or other projects to your faculty coordinator.
  • At the end of the internship, obtain an internship evaluation form, and have your mentor complete it and mail it to your faculty coordinator no later than one week prior to the current semester's exam week.

Course Delivery

Arrangement with Faculty Coordinator and WebCT

Getting Started with WebCT: has links to check your browser, get your WebCT ID, find your course, and to log on to WebCT Vista.


  • Keep a log of work activities for each assignment period.
    • Ten working days (not necessarily consecutive).
    • Logs should be one page per day.
    • Submit via WebCT.
    • Logs are to be written in the format of the Work Log Format document.
  • Project Papers
    • Write 5-7 pages of text describing the IT/IS topic that you are covering during the assignment period.
    • No graphs, pictures, or technical specifications should be included in the body of the project paper.
    • Include appendices with graphs, pictures, screen shots, technical documents, and/or technical specifications to support your paper.
    • Project papers are to be written in the format of the Project Paper Format document.
    • Submit your project papers in the appropriate area via WebCT.
    • Your papers should minimally address the following:
      • Identify the business problem the specific technology solves. (Why is a specific technology needed?)
      • Identify why the technology in place is being or was chosen.
      • Identify the procedure for installation.
      • Explain the impact of the technology either positive or negative.
      • Describe what steps should be taken to improve on the implementation.
    • The papers should be scholarly and well written.
    • Each successive Project Paper will have increasing requirements.
    • If you need help selecting a topic, contact your Faculty Coordinator during the first week of each assignment period.
  • Meetings with Faculty Coordinator.
    • Email Faculty Coordinator via WebCT when you turn in your papers to schedule an appointment to discuss your submissions.
    • Meetings with Faculty Coordinator consist of the following:
      • Discussion of your experience during the assignment period, your project paper, and goals for the following assignment.


The program coordinator retains the right to subjectively evaluate an individual student's grade in appropriate cases.

Grading Scale

A 90 - 100
B 80 - 89
C 75 - 79
D 70 - 74
F Under F

Grading Rubric

Monthly Work Logs 20%
Monthly Project Reports 40%
On-site Mentor Evaluation 20%
Faulty Coordinator Evaluation 20%
Attendance See attendance section
Total 100%


You must meet with your Faculty Coordinator once each assignment period. If you fail to meet with your Faculty Coordinator as directed each assignment period, you will receive a letter grade reduction from your final grade average per each missed meeting.


No late assignments – no exceptions.

UH Student Handbook
Accomodations for Students with Disablities
Academic Honesty
Student Disciplinary Policies and Procedures
UH General Computing Policies

Changes to Syllabus

This syllabus and schedule is subject to change as necessary.

Generic Course Schedule

TopicAssignment Due DateAssignment
1/17/20xx - 2/5/20xx Project 1 2/5/20xx Work Log
Project Paper
2/6/20xx - 2/10/20xx Project 1 Meeting 2/10/20xx Meeting with Faculty Coordinator
2/11/20xx - 3/4/20xx Project 2 3/4/20xx Work Log
Project Paper
Set Meeting
3/6/20xx - 3/10/20xx Project 2 Meeting 3/10/20xx Meeting with Faculty Coordinator
3/19/20xx - 4/8/20xx Project 3 4/8/20xx Work Log
Project Paper
Set Meeting
4/10/20xx - 4/14/20xx Project 3 Meeting 4/14/20xx Meeting with Faculty Coordinator
4/17/20xx - 5/5/20xx Semester Experiences 5/5/20xx Individually assigned by Faculty Coordinator