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Course Sequence

Master of Science in Information System Security

Recommended Course Sequence

The following is a list of courses required in the Master of Science in Information System Security degree with a recommended sequencing of course completion through two years (i.e., four semesters). To accommodate the next class of students admitted in the program, all courses scheduled for the Fall of Year 1 will also be scheduled for Fall of Year 2, as will be the case for courses scheduled in the Spring of Year 1 and Spring of Year 2. However, it is highly recommended that students adhere to the following course sequence. To accommodate students who start the program in the Spring semester, CIS 6321 and TEPM 6301 will be scheduled for both Fall and Spring semesters.

Required Courses (24 hours):

Year 1 Year 2
Fall Spring Fall Spring
CIS 6321
CIS 6325
TEPM 6301
CIS 6322
CIS 6326
TEPM 6304
CIS 6323
Additional courses from option chosen below
CIS 6324
Additional courses from option chosen below

Choose an Option (9 hours):

Choose one of the following Options.
Project Option Coursework Option Thesis Option
Project Option 1
Project Option 2
Choose 3 Electives*
Thesis Option 1
Thesis Option 2
Choose 1 Elective*
CIS 6391 Project
CIS 6395 Project (cont.)
Choose 2 Electives*
CIS 6391 Project
Choose 1 Elective*
CIS 6399 Thesis
CIS 6399 Thesis (cont.)
Choose 2 Electives*
CIS 6399 Thesis


Electives must be approved by the graduate faculty advisor prior to enrollment.

  • CIS 6337 - Digital Forensics - must be taken for Digital Forensics Specialization
  • CIS 6347 - Advanced Digital Forensics - must be taken for Digital Forensics Specialization
  • CIS 6357 - Controls Systems Security must be taken for Control Systems Security Specialization
  • CIS 6358 - Secure Software Design
  • CIS 6359 - Penetration Testing
  • CIS 6396 - Internship
  • CIS 6397 - Special Topics
  • CIS 6398 - Special Problems

Course Sequencing

  • CIS 6321 must be taken first, before other security classes.
  • CIS 6322 and 6323 can be taken in any order.
  • CIS 6324 should be taken after 6322 and 6323 are completed.
  • Security electives can be taken after 6321 and concurrently with 6322, 6323, and 6324.