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Course Requirements

Master of Science in Information System Security


The following is a list of courses required of all students pursuing the Master of Science Information System Security. For a complete description of these courses, visit the University of Houston Graduate Catalog.

Please note this document is accurate for those who enrolled during the Fall 2011 semester. If you are unsure about which degree plan you are on, please check with your faculty advisor.

Course Requirements for Master of Science in Information System Security

  • TEPM 6301 - Project Management Principles
  • TEPM 6302 - Leadership and Team Building
  • TEPM 6303 - Risk Assessment in Project Management
  • TEPM 6304 - Quality Improvement in Project Management
  • TEPM 6391 - Project Management Seminar
  • TEPM 6395 - Integration Project
  • CIS 6321 - Principles of Information Systems Security
  • CIS 6322 - Secure Enterprise Computing
  • CIS 6323 - Cryptography and Information Systems Security
  • CIS 6324 - Information Systems Security Risk Analysis


Six (6) Advanced Hours of Graduate Coursework. Electives must be approved by the graduate faculty advisor prior to enrollment.

  • CIS 6337 - Digital Forensics
  • CIS 6357 - Controls Systems Security
  • CIS 6358 - Secure Software Design
  • CIS 6359 - Penetration Testing

Please Consider When Choosing Electives

  • Students are responsible for ensuring that they meet all course pre-requisites prior to enrollment. Failure to meet course requirements may result in students being dropped from courses without a refund.
  • To request credit for an elective that is not on the pre-approved list, please complete a Graduate Petition.

See the recommended two-year course sequence.