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Internship Information

HRD 4396

The internship course is a senior-level capstone course in the Human Resource Development (HRD) program at the University of Houston. Students who complete this course earn 3 credit hours towards their degree. Through this course, students are expected to combine HRD theory with practical application in a professional setting, develop professional work competencies for a specific HRD-related occupation, and explore HRD-related career options.

Students' Skills and Qualifications

HRD students are required to take the following courses and will have completed many of these upon placement in an internship:

  • CUIN 3313 Educational Technology
  • HDCS 3300 Organizational Decisions in Technology
  • TECH 3365 Discrete Methods in Tech
  • TELS 3346 Human Resources in Tech
  • HRD 3303 Measuring Performance Outcomes
  • HRD 3310 Introduction to Career Development and Planning
  • HRD 3340 Introduction to Training and Development
  • HRD 3350 Global HRD
  • HDCS 4300 Research Concepts in HDCS
  • HRD 4344 Designing E-Learning Apps
  • HRD 4346 Needs Assessment in HRD
  • HRD 4351 Instructional Design for Training Environments
  • HRD 4352 Facilitation Strategies

Student Internship Course Requirements

Students must meet the following course requirements in addition to working a minimum of 20 hours per week in their internship:

  • Attend 7 face-to-face class sessions throughout the semester.
  • Engage in online discussions that will help the student explore professional topics, including effective communication, leadership, diversity, and project management.
  • Share regular status reports with the course instructor and their classmates.
  • Write a reflection paper and give an oral presentation at the end of the semester.
  • Organizational supervisors/sponsors and students will complete an evaluation of the student's performance in the internship.

Host Organization Internship Requirements

The intern will be directly supervised at the host organization by a designated supervisor. The internship course coordinator will be in regular contact with this individual. Students will have a course syllabus for the class. At the conclusion of the internship the host supervisor will submit a written evaluation of the intern to internship coordinator. The intern will also submit a report on his or her experience. The final grade will be based on the host's evaluation and the internship coordinator's evaluation of the intern's work.

For students to receive course credit, internship offers should include the following:

  • Job responsibilities that support the mission of the employing organization and support the development of HRD competencies.
  • A supervisor who is dedicated to the development of the student's HRD competencies, will assist the student with setting 5 learning objectives at the beginning of the semester, and will objectively evaluate the student's performance at the end of the semester.
  • Require students to produce a tangible product in a one-semester time frame (~15 weeks) that can be added to their portfolio of HRD-related experience.

How to Submit Your Internship Opportunity

Please provide the following details:

  • Description of your organization and the department where the student(s) will work
  • Name and position title of proposed internship supervisor Job description, including duties, expectations, and student's tangible product
  • Special skills/interest desired
  • Anticipated hours of work per week (20 hours)
  • Number of interns desired Start and end dates of the position(s)
  • Salary information
  • Preferred process for follow-up (e.g., students contact employer directly, instructor screen students first, interview a certain number of students, etc.)

DEADLINES: July 31 for fall semester and January 8 for spring semester

Tomika Greer, Ph.D.
Internship Course Instructor
University of Houston - College of Technology
110 Cameron Building Houston, Texas 77204-6020
Phone: 713-743-4015