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Course Sequence

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology

Recommended Course Sequence

The following is a list of required courses for the Bachelor of Science in Mechancial Technology (MEET) degree, with a recommended sequencing of courses through four years (i.e. 8 semesters). For official course descriptions and prerequisites visit the University of Houston Course Catalog.

Recommended Course Sequence for Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Technology - Fall 2017 (PDF)

*Choose either 12 semester hours of Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing electives or Petroleum Technology electives.

Computer-Aided Design & Manufacturing:

  • Fall Only: MECT 4292, MECT 4323, MECT 4341, MECT 4360, MECT 4384
  • Summer Only: MECT 3362
  • Spring Only: MECT 4293, MECT 4343, MECT 4350, MECT 4365, MECT 4361

Petroleum Technology:

  • Fall Only: MECT 4330, MECT 4332
  • Spring Only: MECT 4326, MECT 4328, MECT 4337

Students will be expected to place out of MATH 1310 by either Math Placement Exam, CLEP, or have taken MATH 1310.