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Construction Management

Minor in Construction Management (CM) provides students with fundamental knowledge and skills expected to pursue a career in the construction industry. Such knowledge and skills include construction documents, cost estimating, construction planning and scheduling, and construction law and ethics. The CM Minor is a natural extension for students in Architecture, Business, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Engineering, and similar fields. This minor should assist students in developing a competitive edge in the job market.

To satisfy the requirements for earning a minor in Construction Management, a student must pass the following courses with a grade of "C" or better while completing another undergraduate degree at the University of Houston:

  1. CNST 2341 Construction Documents
  2. CNST 2351 Construction Estimating I
  3. CNST 3331 Construction Planning and Scheduling
  4. CNST 3351 Construction Estimating II
  5. CNST 4302 Construction Law & Ethics

To apply for this minor, please fill out the application form.

Supply Chain and Logistics Technology

To delcare this minor, please download the Declaration of Minor for Logistics and Supply Chain Technology form, and return it to the Department of Construction Management.

For the official requirements for a Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Minor, see the University of Houston Catalog.

Course Requirements (15 Semester Hours)

Required Courses

  • SCLT 2362 - Introduction to Logistics Technology

Select any four of the following courses:

  • SCLT 2380 - Distribution Channels
  • SCLT 3381 - Industrial and Consumer Sales
  • SCLT 3384 - Logistics Technology and Processes
  • SCLT 3385 - Transportation Economics and Policy
  • SCLT 4312 - Inventory and Materials Handling
  • SCLT 4389 - Practicum in Supply Chain & Logistics Technology
  • TELS 4341 - Production and Service Operations

Prerequisite(s) for minor: ENGL 1304