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Are you a Graphic Communications Technology or Digital Media graduate? Moved? Got married? New job? We want to hear from you! Let us know what you are currently doing. Update your information and stay connected to the University of Houston through the College of Technology Alumni Association.

Also, we’d love it if you would follow us on Facebook and YouTube. Post something on our Facebook page to encourage our students, to give them advice, and to help them see the light at the end of the tunnel. And, if you have a need for one of our graduates to fill an open position in your company, please register for TechConnect as an employer, fill out the form, and submit it.

Finally, our program needs insightful business people to serve on our Advisory Board. If you’d like to participate in biannual meetings, please email for more information.

Letters from DIGM Alumni

There is hope for current students in the DIGM program. Letters from our alumni, speak about their experiences and successes. Take their word for it!

Hello Dr. Waite,

I am Matt Fernandez and I was in the Digital PrePress 1 class in the spring of 2010/09(?). Admittedly, I was not very studious in those years but I did listen.

Since graduating, I have been working freelance design jobs but recently, started working fulltime with Shoutz Inc in Austin. There, for the most part, I deal with modernizing the LotteryHUB app and other electronic marketing design work. Every so often, I will be assigned print work.

From being in your class, which I hope is now mandatory for all graphic design graduates, and listening to Mr. Can and Ella, I have applied what I learned to these types of projects. I am constantly floored that my co-workers use Word to build a "one sheeter" or when a third party printer requests JPEGs instead of PNGs or PDF X1As. What takes me hours in Word, I can pump out in minutes with InDesign! It may be interesting to see your students attempt to use Word in lieu of InDesign for a simple magazine spread. They would find it clunky and slow- even on a Mac. As a funny aside, the downside is that I spoil my employer when I can complete a day's worth of work in a few hours. Luckily, though, the JPEGs that have been submitted for printing have had no serious issues; in spite of my protests. But I always have a PDF-X1A ready to go.

While I now find myself routinely typing for my health on the importance of these lessons, I just wanted to take a minute to sincerely thank you for teaching Pre-Press. The knowledge, passion and dedication you and your staff profess did help me to understand the other side of design. As a designer who demands things be pixel perfect, the lessons that I remember are invaluable and ensures that what I send to a printer will come back pixel perfect.

Thank you again!
All the best,
Matt Fernandez

Dr. Waite,

I never had the opportunity to speak with you personally...everything happened really fast before graduation. I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have taught us, and for all the effort you put every day to make us better on what we do. Before the Digital Media program I had no idea where my professional life was going, and thanks to your support I graduated with the satisfaction of an amazing college experience. Thank you for creating not only an amazing career for us, but also for our DIGM family. I wish the best of luck to you, the DIGM staff, and our future DIGM brothers and sisters!

Best regards,
Laura Baena

December 2012 graduate Daniel Macias, who now works for EarthIntegrate, wrote:

"In the past six months that I've been employed, I've been hands-on with a customer-facing project that require skills learned from the Digital Media Program. I have been fortunate that in the short-time, they have given me the title of project coordinator and became the right-hand of the project manager for one of our largest customers. Because of the skills learned and the type of drive that all DIGM members have, I know that many DIGM prospects will fit the requirements for this program."

Daniel Macias