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Mathematica 10

If you're doing anything technical, think Mathematica--not just for computation, but for modeling, simulation, visualization, development, documentation, and deployment.
Why Mathematica? Because this one integrated system delivers unprecedented workflow, coherence, reliability, and innovation. Rather than different toolkits for different jobs, Mathematica has been built ground-up over nearly 20 years to deliver one vision: the ultimate technical application and environment.
Your Mathematica license must be renewed annually. It expires August 31.
The Macintosh version is 32-bit and is compatible with Intel processor Macs. If you want to run the 64-bit version, you will have to run it on a G5 with Tiger 10.4.
  • Wolfram Information Center Includes downloadable examples of Mathematica at work.
  • Free Seminars For faculty that are not familiar with Mathematica, or haven't used it in a while, Wolfram now offers free seminars to give people a feel for what Mathematica can do. This is a 1 hour session that is run by a live trainer (you see their mouse movements over a web page), and there is usually some time at the end for questions. This isn't a complete training for Mathematica, just a nice way to get a starting point for Mathematica to learn what it can do.
  • Wolfram Workbench An IDE for Mathematica which helps you work with long sections of Mathematica code. You can keep track of variables, debug, or run tests on parts of code.
  • Mathworld A free encyclopedia which now has free Mathematica documents under many entries. So you can start with a concept, then have an immediate way to learn how this concept can be explored further in Mathematica with sample code and calculations.
  • PDF Creator A free convertor which takes Mathematica documents and generates a pdf file for you. You can't do any calculations within the pdf, but this is a fine static document of calculations, or graphics, etc.



page last updated: August 17, 2017
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