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Identity Finder for UH Owned Computers

 Identity Finder 8.2 – Support for Windows 8.0 and Images

Identity Finder for UH Owned Computers

Identity Finder helps prevent identity theft by discovering and protecting personal information in files, emails, web browsers, and system areas on your computer. It finds and protects any private data, such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and passwords, no matter where on your computer it is buried.

AND NOW Identity Finder is even more helpful finding and protecting sensitive information in even more places – Images!  With AnyFind® Identity Finder automatically discovers confidential data stored with optical character and other images on desktops, servers, remote computers, databases, websites, and removable disks!

Identity Finder is licensed and available to UH faculty and staff for use on UH-owned computers for FREE.

Note: Faculty and staff are encouraged to speak with their local IT support staff or business administrator prior to installing Identity Finder. Many colleges and divisions perform coordinated searches for sensitive data.

page last updated: November 22, 2017
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