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Non-Degree (Non-Matric) Application Checklist

Thank you for your interest in the Graduate College of Social Work at University of Houston. If you wish to enroll in a course but do not plan to pursue a degree, you may enroll as a non-degree or non-matriculating student.

The following will be needed to complete the application:

The University of Houston uses CollegeNET (ApplyWeb) for the processing of applications. Complete an online application through ApplyWeb. Select the “Social Work, Non-Degree Objective” program choice.

There is no application fee for the NDO application.

Scanned copies of official transcripts can be uploaded as PDF files and may be used by programs to make admission decisions. If admitted, however, you will not be able to enroll without the official transcript(s) showing undergraduate degree conferral on file. Official transcript(s) should be sent to the UH Graduate School:

Regular Mail Address: 

Express Mail Address:

Electronic or "Speede" Transcript:

University of Houston Graduate Admissions P.O. Box 3947 Houston, Texas 77253-3947 University of Houston Graduate Admissions 4302 University Dr, Rm 102 Houston, TX 77204-2012 Within the state of Texas, the fastest way to send your transcript is electronically. Please inquire at your previous institution about this option. Electronic transcripts can be delivered via email to

A Resume (Recommended length 1-2 pages) is required for the non-degree application. Please attach it in the documents section of the application. Please be sure to include the following:

  • Educational background including major, minor, type of degree, honors and distinctions
  • Paid or volunteer experience in social service agencies or other settings (include beginning and ending dates, whether full-time or part-time, number of hours per week)
  • Other work experience
  • Community and/or college activities

Spring: November 1st
Summer: April 1st

Once we have received your online application, transcripts and resume, your application requesting non-matriculated status will be reviewed.

Applicants granted non-matriculated status may then enroll in classes through myUH system. Instructions on how to enroll in a class will be sent via email.

All records and documents submitted to the GCSW become property of the University and may not be returned.