Fundraising Priorities

Fundraising Goals and Priorities for Academic Year 2013 – 2014

Your gift to one of our funding priorities has a far reaching impact on our students, faculty, and community. For the 2013 – 2014 Academic year, the GCSW is focusing on student success! Our priorities are:  

MSW Scholarships · Bilingual Scholarships · PhD Fellowships · Nonprofit Leadership Alliance ·

Why give to Scholarships and Fellowships?
Giving to the UH Graduate College of Social Work empowers us to educate more MSW and PhD social workers to accomplish our mission, which is to provide exceptional education for advanced social work practice, research and leadership through teaching, advancing knowledge and community engagement to achieve social, economic and political justice.

Let’s support our students…
The goal of the GCSW is to provide scholarships and stipends for all our students. The annual survey of GCSW graduates shows average accumulated debt while achieving their MSW degree is $37,188 with 75% of graduates reporting. The survey also shows the average pre-MSW accumulated debt, or debt while achieving the baccalaureate degree, is $24,540 with 54% of graduates reporting, bringing ccumulated debt for over 54% of our students to a staggering $61,728. Fifty percent of GCSW graduates reported they anticipate it will take 9 or more years to pay off this enormous debt incurred to achieve their career goal of being a Master prepared social worker.

Donors are heroes! Here is one donor story…
In May of 2013, the GCSW was fortunate to receive a gift of $25,000 from Margie and Bob Jenkins to create the Marjorie L. and Robert R. Jenkins Scholarship in the Graduate College of Social Work. Nationally recognized for her work with end-of-life issues, Margie Jenkins is an author and dynamic public speaker. She has informed and fascinated audiences across the country on this important topic. She is an experienced psychotherapist, lecturer, newspaper columnist and noted author of the book, You Only Die Once, Preparing for the End of Life with Grace and Gusto, and the companion workbook, My Personal Planner. When asked why she made the gift, Margie replied,

“UH GCSW helped me reach some special goals. First, having a successful private practice for over 30 years, providing guidance to clients dealing with life's challenges, (and at age 90, I am still seeing clients and I love what I do). I may be the oldest working Social Worker! Second, the GCSW supported me in writing my 2 books to help people with end of life planning: "You Only Die Once, Preparing for the End of Life with Grace and Gusto" and the workbook, "My Personal Planner". I could not have achieved either of these goals without receiving my MSW at UH GCSW in 1976 at age 53. We want to support UH as they prepare other students to be successful ambassadors in our society as they encourage people to live bodaciously and finish well."

Your gift to scholarships supports the GCSW as we prepare students to be the successful ambassadors that Margie mentions; and your gift can help to reduces student debt so our graduates can serve in our communities with less debt to encumber them. Please make a gift to GCSW scholarships and fellowships today!

Why support the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance?
The mission of the David M. Underwood Chapter Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (formerly American Humanics) is simply this - to prepare and certify nonprofit leaders. Since 1993, the UH NLA/American Humanics Program in the Graduate College of Social Work has certified over 300 individuals, most of whom are actively working in nonprofits locally and around the country. Thousands of other NLA/AH students have been certified over the 62 years since the national organization was founded.

The Graduate College of Social Work, committed to the support and progress of this essential program, set a goal of raising $2,000,000 in endowed funds to provide a permanent foundation for the program at the University of Houston. Once achieved, this endowment will provide annual operating funds and scholarships to ensure excellence, growth, and permanence of the David M. Underwood Chapter of Nonprofit Leadership Alliance certificate program and its mission to provide essential workforce and leadership for the nonprofit corporate sector. Over $1.2M in endowed funds have been raised! We ask you to make a gift to accomplish the endowment goal of $2,000,000 to support the David M. Underwood Chapter Nonprofit Leadership Alliance at GCSW.