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IPC Members List 2017-2018

The IP Committee meets monthly, on the third Tuesday, from 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. The committee advises and recommends to the President guidelines and procedure to implement intellectual property policy and other matters as the President directs.

Chair: Edward Blair
Contact: Natalie Davis, 713-743-9155,

Primary Representatives

Terms ending on 8/31/2017

Beckham Dossett 713-743-3006 Art
Stacey Gorniak 713-743-4802 Health & Human Performance
Luca Polonini 713-743-4159 Engineering Technology
Kenneth Jones 713-222-5368 Wolfe Center

Terms ending on 8/31/2018

John Wolfe 713-743-4449 Electrical Engineering
Ashley Lierman 713-743-9773 Library

Terms ending on 8/31/2019

Ed Blair 713-743-4565 Marketing
Greg Cuny 713-743-1274 Pharmacy
Greg Vetter 713-743-3596 Law Center
James Briggs 713-743-8366 Biology-Biochemistry
Jason Erikson 713-743-1226 Pharmacy
Scott Gilbertson 713-743-7505 Chemistry

Ex-Officio Representatives

Dr. Amr Elnashai
Vice Chancellor for Research and Technology Transfer, UH System
Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer, UH
Tom Campbell
Executive Director, Office of Intellectual Property Management
Interim Executive Director, Center for Innovation & Partnerships