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Survey Feedback

survey In November 2016, an online survey was conducted to assess user satisfaction with the services and activities of the Office of Research Development (ORD), Office of Policies, Compliance and Committees (ORPCC) and Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG) in the Division of Research (DOR). In addition to ORD and ORPCC, the survey also examined the detailed workings of OCG by examining the user satisfaction and feedback on:

1.            Pre-Award

2.            Contract Negotiation

3.            Post Award

4.            Sub-Recipient Award)

5.            Research Financial Services (RFS)

The survey responses have helped identify common concerns among researchers, identify opportunities for improvement and prioritize resources going forward. Key findings from this survey include the following major themes:

  • Needed improvements in communication within and outside of DOR on processes, protocols, responsibilities, deadlines and results to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Renewed emphasis on the customer service role of the DOR to improve interactions between community stakeholders (faculty, department and college staff and administration) and division staff.

In response to the survey findings, the DOR has redefined the roles of ORD and Pre-Award. The new strategy will emphasize the proactive role of ORD in identifying large multi-disciplinary and potentially multi-institutional research opportunities, while the operational role of Pre-Award will focus on a more customer-centric and result-oriented delivery of services. The user feedback on process challenges are being incorporated into recently completed and ongoing transitions of processes in OCG and ORPCC to user-friendly electronic systems.