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FY2012 New Faculty Research Program Recipients

Wendy Fork College of Architecture    $6,000
Rayyan Amine College of Education $6,000
Ashitosh Agrawal College of Engineering $6,000
Bora Gencturk College of Engineering $6,000
Lars Grabow College of Engineering $6,000
Hyongki Lee College of Engineering $6,000
Mo Li College of Engineering $6,000
Kalayana Nakshatrala College of Engineering $6,000
Sapna Kumar College of Law $6,000
Jessica Mantel College of Law $6,000
Jessica Roberts College of Law $6,000
Mabel Cuesta CLASS $6,000
Stacey Gorniak CLASS $6,000
Jee-Yeon Lehmann CLASS $6,000
Vikram Maheshri CLASS $6,000
Katrina Moorehead CLASS $6,000
Christopher Temple Northup CLASS $6,000
Elizabeth Simas CLASS $6,000
Jennifer Sorkin CLASS $6,000
Jennifer Vardeman-Winter CLASS $6,000
Ling Zhu CLASS $6,000
Andrew Zuppann CLASS $6,000
Omprakash Gnawali College of NSM $6,000
Elizabeth Ostrowski College of NSM $6,000
Lu Gao College of Technology $6,000
Dennis Kao Graduate College of Social Work $6,000
McClain Sampson Graduate College of Social Work $6,000