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The Innovation Scene & UH

By Lindsay Lewis

Houston is an amazing city. It’s the “Energy Capital of the World,” and home to the world’s largest medical center, NASA mission control and our nation’s second busiest port. But when it comes to its innovation ecosystem, Houston is behind its urban competitors.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner launched a task force to find out why and what it will take to boost the city’s innovation scene. In response, the Greater Houston Partnership launched a strategy office to bring startups and entrepreneurial activities to Houston to support the future needs of its regional industries.

A major component of Houston’s plan involves its universities. Here are some of the exciting innovation developments at the University of Houston.

A Community of Excellence

UH is proud to be the home of 11 fellows of the National Academy of Inventors. These faculty drive the spirit of innovation across campus by championing inventions, tech development and commercialization within the academic environment.

  • Benton F. Baugh
  • Diana S.L. Chow
  • Paul C.W. Chu
  • Allan Jacobson
  • Dmitri Litvinov
  • Dan Luss
  • Kaushik Rajashekara
  • Zhifeng Ren
  • Venkat Selvamanickam
  • Mohamed Soliman
  • Richard Willson


More than 28 startups have launched from UH over the last 15 years, many of which include both faculty and students who have partnered to advance technology.

Saving Your Surfaces

Integricote is the first nanotechnology company created at UH, with its protective sealers and stains for wood, masonry and concrete manufactured at the UH Energy Research Park.

Reclaiming Earth Elements

Though a technology transfer program at UH, a team of entrepreneurship students were introduced to the rare earth reclamation process and the inventors. After discovering commercial opportunities for the technology, REEcycle obtained an exclusive license to the IP from UH.

A Better Read on Cancer

Teomics was recognized among the Rice Alliance 10 Most Promising Life Science Companies at the 2016 Texas Life Science Venture Forum. The company aims to provide more accurate detection of diseases, particularly those more prone to “false negative” results.


The Spur

UH’s developing innovation campus at the Energy Research Park is home to office and industrial space devoted to bringing UH technologies to market. Just south of Downtown Houston, the Spur – UH’s Innovation Center and Labs – provides resources and facilities to support developing startups through the valley of death to a successful launch.

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