The Outdoor Adventure staff is a highly trained diverse group of students who love sharing their knowledge of the outdoors with others. 

Professional Staff

  • Caleb Wells - Assistant Director
    Favorite Outdoor Area:  Tuolomne Meadows, California
    Fun Fact: Even Chuck Norris is jealous of his spectacular beard.
    Phone:  713-743-0808


Student Staff

  • Ross Andrea
    Major: Geology
    Favorite Outdoor Area: Hueco Tanks, Texas
    Fun Fact: Actually a Canadian.
  • Stephanie Balbin
  • Robert Boswell
    Major: Computer Engineering
    Favorite Outdoor Area: South Africa
    Fun Fact: Was once on a semi-professional break dance team.
  • Blake Burns
  • Brian Chiu
    Major: Industrial Design
    Favorite Outdoor Area:  Moab, Utah
    Fun Fact: He loves his Chacos (best chaco tan ever!)
  • Rebecca Cunningham
    Major: Psychology
    Favorite Outdoor Area: Arches National Park, Utah
    Fun Fact:  Loves to laugh.
  • Justin Dugie
    Major: Political Science
    Favorite Outdoor Area:  South Padre, Texas
    Fun Fact: Once wrestled a shark to shore with his bare hands.
  • Richelle Hepler
    Major: Chemical Engineering
    Favorite Outdoor Area:  Yosemite National Park, California
    Fun Fact: She was born on an island.
  • Henry Ho
    Major: Architecture
    Favorite Outdoor Area:  Hueco Tanks, Texas
    Fun Fact:  Can chop a coconut in half with his bare hands.
  • Hadley Hollingsworth
  • Kyle Krevzer
  • Kim Lewis
    Major: Pre-Med
    Favorite Outdoor Area:  Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona
    Fun Fact:  She is the local pull-up champion.
  • Macy McMullen
    Major: Math with option in Finance
    Favorite Outdoor Area: Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Arkansas
    Fun Fact:  Has the best work ethic at Outdoor Adventure.
  • Jessica Stark
  • Tito Thornton
    Major: Psychology
    Favorite Outdoor Area: Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Arkansas
    Fun Fact: Spent two months in the wilderness without a shower.
  • Ryan Wonser