Student Memberships

Students taking one or more semester hours at University of Houston - Main Campus automatically become Campus Recreation and Wellness Center (CRWC) members when they register and pay the student fee. Some students do not pay the CRWC Fee (i.e., students registered "in absentia", students only taking internet classes, co-op students, etc.); these students will need to purchase a membership separately for $105 per semester.

Fall/Spring/Summer costs:

Included in Student Fees

Students who enroll in classes but later withdraw from the University will be denied access to the CRWC. Withdrawn students who, based on the date they withdrew, do not get any fees refunded.

Students may sponsor both parents and 1 other adult living in the same household. To view more information about sponsoring members, view the Sponsored Membership page.

Student Sponsored Membership Options:

  Student + one

Student + two or more (Family Rate)

Annual $240 $700

Continuing Student Memberships

Students not enrolled in classes for the summer term, but were enrolled in the previous spring semester are eligible to purchase a CRWC membership at the student rate.

Student Summer Membership Options:
  Half Summer Term Full Summer Term
Rate $46 $92
*Students, who withdraw from the university due to being called to active duty by a reserve branch of the United States Armed Forces, but would like to maintain their CRWC membership, are eligible to purchase a previously enrolled student membership at the student rate. Documentation of the call to active military duty and university withdrawal is required.