Currently enrolled University of Houston students are members of the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center. Memberships can be purchased if you fall in any of the following categories: Faculty / Staff / Retires Faculty and Staff / Alumni and UH Associate. Please review the eligibility forms for more information. Students only taking internet classes will need to purchase a membership separately at the participants rate.

Important Documents


Membership Fee Schedule


Where is the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center (CRWC) located?

CRWC is located at the main entrance to the University of Houston on the corner of University Drive and Calhoun.

Address: 4500 University Drive
Houston, Texas 77204-6056

CRWC Welcome Desk phone number 713/743-7529 (PLAY)
Administrative offices phone number 713/743-9500

Who is eligible to purchase a Campus Recreation and Wellness Center membership?
The following must provide their Cougar Card when purchasing a membership:

  • Enrolled in one or more courses at the UH Main Campus- Students are automatically members
  • Faculty/Staff benefit eligible employee
  • Retired Faculty/Staff
  • Alumni (members of University of Houston Alumni Association)
  • Associates: University of Houston System (UHS) Staff, University Board of Regents, Employees of 3rd Party Vendors under contract with the University of Houston, UH Institute, Conference and Program Participants.

How can I pay for a membership?
Students – added to your fee bill
Faculty/Staff (benefit eligible) on UH Payroll system – Biweekly employees will be deducted monthly fee on the 1st month paycheck. Monthly employees will be deducted upon month of registration. Membership cancellations must be made in writing three weeks prior to desired cancellation date.
All others – Cash or credit card – see CRWC Membership Fee Schedule for payment options.

What about my family? Who can I sponsor?
CRWC members may sponsor their spouse or one other adult (over the age 22) living in the same household and/or children ages 4-22. Documentation is required to verify sponsorship eligibility. (Drivers License for adults. School ID or IRS Tax form for children).

Who can sponsor me?
Any CRWC primary member living in the same household as you, can sponsor you as a member or as a guest. Must provide documentation stated above. See membership eligibility page.

Can I bring a guest?
CRWC members may purchase a daily guest pass at the CRWC Member Services Desk for $7.00 adult/ $4.00 child. Guest must bring their own picture identification card and equipment. Guest may check out equipment from Equipment Issue.

Where can I park?
UH Lot 20 – for Student, Faculty/Staff, Century /Lifetime Alumni Permits
UH Lot 4A – Outlying Permits, Alumni Permits (Purple Shuttle Route available to take you to and from the CRWC).

If I am a guest/sponsored member, where can I purchase a parking permit?
A parking pass is not included in your CRWC membership fees. If you don't have a University of Houston Parking Permit, you may purchase a monthly permit ($45.00) in the Parking Office located in Room 1, E. Cullen Underground, or a daily ($3.00) or weekly ($12.00) at the Visitors Booth located at entrance 1. Parking meters (max. two hours) near the facility can also be used. The University sells an outlying parking permit for $50/year (runs Sept. 1 – August 31st). There is an outlying lot across from the CRWC on the corner of University and Spur 5. You enter off of University Drive and the right corner is slotted outlying.

When is the CRWC open?
See Hours

As a member, what type(s) of programs can I participate in?

  • Intramural Sports – 713/743-9506
  • Group Exercise Classes – 713/743-9503
  • Sport Clubs – 713/743-9511

What is inside the CRWC?

  • Up to 5 basketball courts
  • Up to 5 volleyball courts
  • 4 badminton courts
  • 6 racquetball court
  • 2 Int’l squash courts
  • Social area
  • Wellness Programs
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Mutli-Activity Court- (MAC) (indoor soccer, indoor roller hockey, handball, indoor tennis and special events)

What other services are available?

  • Day use lockers are located throughout the facility at no cost.
  • CRWC member may rent a locker for the semester or annually located in the locker room.
  • Options: Men, Women and Family Locker room for showering and changing.
  • Shower towel service is available for an additional fee.
  • Aquatic/Safety courses are available for members and non-members.
  • Outdoor Adventure – rental shop – equipment and gear. (add’tl fees).
  • Equipment checkout is available to CRWC members:
  • Balls – basketball, volleyball, soccer, shuttlecocks, squash
  • Rackets – racquetball, badminton, tennis, squash
  • Work-out Towel – Mandatory in the Fitness Areas

Do I need to reserve a time to play on the courts?

  • Racquetball/squash courts may be reserved on the day you want to play. Call 713/743-7529(PLAY) between 6am – 10am to reserve for that day. After 10 AM you must come in person to the Welcome Desk to reserve a court.
  • Basketball – First come, first serve. The floor supervisor can add your name to the “Who’s up” lists, if you want to play in a 1A competitive game. This process is only done for one or two courts.
  • Volleyball – Before 3pm, you must have 6 or more people wanting to play, then ask the Welcome Desk to set up. After 3pm, first come, first serve.
  • Badminton – Before 3pm, you must have two or more persons wanting to play, then ask the Welcome Desk to set up. After 3pm, first come, first serve.
  • Multi-Activity Court (MAC) – First come, first serve.

Can I rent or reserve space for a special event?
To rent a space in the CRWC for a specific activity or event, complete a Reservation Request Packet online, Administrative office or Room 1002. Reservations Office (713/743-1126) will contact you to finalize details.