UH Associate Membership

All non-student members are required to sign a University of Houston Release and Indemnification Agreement (waiver).

Individuals affiliated with the University of Houston through one of the following may purchase a CRWC membership. Verification of association is required prior to completing a CRWC membership application.

University of Houston System (UHS) staff:

All other system employees (includes all other UH campuses) are eligible to purchase a CRWC membership at the Faculty/Staff rate on a first come first serve basis.

Employees of 3rd Party Vendors under contract with University of Houston:

Employees of contracted vendors who perform on going service and work for the University of Houston and conduct work on the physical premises of the UH campus or UH leased space are eligible to purchase a CRWC Membership. Examples include: food service and their franchise vendors, bookstore and copy center, travel agency, bank, UH charter school and hair salon.

Rates for University of Houston System and Employees of 3rd Party vendors:

  Primary Only Primary+One Primary + two or more (Family Rate)

Annual Rate

$297 $537 $700

The sale of these memberships is based on availability of space and services. The Director of Campus Recreation, in consultation with the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, will be responsible for determining when additional sales may interfere with the primary users, the UH students.

University Board of Regents:

  Primary Only Primary+One Primary + two or more (Family Rate)

Annual Rate

$297 $537 $700

UH Program Participants:

Participants in UH sponsored programs are eligible for access to the CRWC. UH Main Campus students taking only online classes are also eligible to purchase a membership at the UH program participants rate. Non-UH students who are officially part of a UH Program are eligible to purchase a CRWC Membership.

Examples of UH participants include: Texas Music Festival, MESET, Upward Bound, Teach for America, ROTC Students, Joint Admission Program, campus ministers, and students that live on the main campus but attend other campuses approved by student housing and residential life.

  Fall/Spring/Summer Monthly Guest- Daily


$105 per semester $45 $10

UH Program Participants are not eligible to sponsor members however, they are permitted to bring guests at the daily guest rate listed above.