Personal Trainers


Alex F.

Certification: ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Theme Song: "You're Going Down" - Sick Puppies
Alter Ego Name: The Third

I got into fitness a few years ago after a lifetime of being physically unfit. It was time for a change, so I made the most of the resources available to me and made a change in my life. I let go of those constant unhealthy habits and adopted a new lifestyle of fitness and exercise.  People think exercise and pain are synonymous, but that is not the case! Exercise is one of the best ways to relieve stress, one of the easiest ways to put a smile on your face, and one of the most fun things to do! It is my goal to help motivate others to make the transition from an unhealthy lifestyle to a much more rewarding and satisfying lifestyle of fitness.

Anaissa Ruiz Tejada

Anaissa T.

Certification: ACE Certified Personal Trainer 
Group Fitness - Les Mills, Insanity, PiYo Live, Turbo Kick, and TRX Suspension Training

Theme Song: "Under Control" - Calvin Harris
Alter Ego Name: Mini Mounstrita

I am originally from Aguascalientes, Mexico. I decided to move to the United States to continue with my undergraduate studies. Back in Mexico, I started lifting weights and I discovered my passion for fitness. I began to teach group fitness classes when I was 15 years old because of my parent's influence; my dad is a bodybuilder and my mom used to teach group fitness classes as well. By the time I moved to Houston, one of my priorities was to continue growing in the fitness industry. For that reason, I decided to get Insanity, PiYo and Turbo Kick certified and then I became a personal trainer. I love being a trainer because it has given me the opportunity to help people achieve their goals, just as I did. I started working in the Rec Center last year, and it has been one of the best experiences I've ever had. My objective as a fitness instructor and personal trainer is to inspire people to do things they thought were impossible.

Brandon Denison

Brandon D.

Certification: NPTI Personal Training Diploma, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist. NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NPTI Kettlebell, NPTI TRX, NPTI Osteoblast, NPTI SpeedBlast, Functional Movement Systems
Theme Song: "Live to Rise" - Soundgarden
Alter Ego Name: The Wolverine

Being a personal trainer isn't just a job for me. It's a career and lifestyle that I'm very passionate about. I've been a trainer at the Rec for over a year now. Since then, I have tripled my credentials by getting certified through the National Personal Training Institute, National Academy of Sports Medicine and the Functional Movement Systems. I've also attended multiple fitness conferences across the U.S. to further my knowledge of exercise science, kinesiology, program design and nutrition. As a professional in an industry that is constantly evolving, I truly grasp the concept that there's always more to learn, which is why I frequently research fitness and nutrition so I can train and educate my clients more efficiently. My training has introduced me to all types of clients: beginners, military personnel, runners, and even athletes who are seeking to play professional sports. I love training each and every one of them. There's no greater feeling for me than getting someone to not only accomplish their fitness goals, but switch to a healthy lifestyle!

Richard Dora

Certification: NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
Theme Song: "Go crazy" REMIX - Young Jeezy & Jay Z
Alter Ego Name: Richsfit

My style of training never has a dull moment, always new exciting ways to work your body. I give my clients the information they need to succeed, not only for making progress now but long term as well. My workouts are all specialized to make sure you’re the best you can be. Hopefully what I'm able to teach you can learn to spread to family and friends, so that they can too have a great transformation.

Canyon Sanford

Canyon S.

Certification: ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Theme Song: "Heard the World" - O.A.R.
Alter Ego Name: The Grand Canyon

When I was young, I was as active as any guy. I played football and baseball, and I love to be involved in sports. However, I was never the fittest guy on the team. In my junior year, I went to a military boarding school where I learned to improve my diet and exercise. When I came to college, my friends started asking me to help them exercise and workout. Working with them made me realize that I enjoyed helping others get into better shape and reach their goals. I became a personal trainer so that I can share the fitness lifestyle that I love with others.

Enny Audu

Enny A.

Certification: ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Theme Song: "The Fever" - Lacrae
Alter Ego Name: E-Flex

I love all things fitness and athletics! My favorite sport is track and field, and I ran throughout high school. Track and field can be symbolic of many things in life, hurdles that need to be passed and standards that can always be cleared and raised higher. That is part of my love for track. Challenging yourself to do things that seem "impossible" is like a game that can only be won once hard work and dedication are put in, and that is why I am a trainer. I hope to one day work as a specialist in sports dietetics for a professional athletic team. I love people and I love wrecking goals! Let’s go!

Sami Coffman

Certification: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Night Club Cardio Instructor, Jillian Michaels' BodyShred Instructor
Theme Song: "Hungry" -Rob Bailey and The Hustle Standard" -Fort Minor
Alter Ego Name: Ninja Warrior Princess

I fell in love with fitness and helping others find their way to living healthier after going through my own weight loss journey. In college I was in a sorority and my health took a backseat to my lifestyle. After graduating I began working in the fashion industry which was very stressful. To relieve stress I would workout. This led me to reevaluate my life and it unearthed my passion for fitness. I genuinely have a passion for helping others achieve their full potential to live a better life, too. I truly believe that building a healthy mind/will power is equally important as building a strong body when it comes to fitness. I also believe you must enjoy what you are doing, that way you are more likely to stick with it! I not only implement this in the way I train myself, but also how I train my clients. My goal is to have my clients enjoy the process. Trust the process, and learn to make lifestyle changes that will stay with them forever.

Eric M.

Certification: NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Theme Song:
Alter Ego Name: EDM

I have always had an interest in improving my health and fitness, and even had some experience in specific dieting and workout regimens throughout high school. It was not until college, though, that I learned the benefits of a regimented workout routine and “strategic” food choices that maximize my results and improve my overall physique. After more research and work into examining workouts and dietary choices, I decided I wanted to be more educated and spread my knowledge to other people. I became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and my goal is to instill a passion in my clients the same way I am passionate about improving myself both mentally and physically.

Kevin Reid

Kevin R.

Certification: NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Theme Song: "Cinderalla Man" Eminem
Alter Ego Name:

I graduated from UTSA with a degree in Kinesiology-Exercise Science and a minor in health. I received the 2014 Employee of the Year Award for the Fitness Department as well as the Student Service Award from UTSA's Campus Recreation. I look forward to furthering my professional career with the Department of Campus Recreation at UH while helping others along the way!


Lauren T.

Certification: NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Theme Song: "The Fighter" -Gym Class Heroes ft. Ryan Tedder
Alter Ego Name: Lulu

I have a passion for fitness, health and nutrition, and I strive to improve the lives of others with my knowledge. After playing varsity tennis throughout high school, I grew a tremendous interest in maintaining my athletic abilities and overall fitness. The weight room used to intimidate me because I knew that people would look at me and judge my form, which I knew very little about. After working out with friends who were much more experienced and doing my own research, I learned my way around the weight room. Since becoming a personal trainer, I have applied what I learned to programming for my clients. My approach is to spend as much time in the weight room working as efficiently as possible. It is not about how long you spend in the gym but what you do in the gym that counts. Fitness has completely changed my life and I've become the best person I can be, and I hope to instill this sense in everyone I work with!

Mike K

Mike K.

Certification: ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness - Insanity, USA Hockey-Level 1
Theme Song: "A New Level" - Pantera
Alter Ego Name: Sargeant Keller

I am a 5 year veteran of the Army's infamous 82nd Airborne division where I served as a long range reconnaissance team leader, deploying in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom twice.  I also train and coach hockey players city-wide and am a USA Hockey Level 1 certified hockey instructor.  Between playing hockey my entire life and my military service, I have come to value physical fitness, being a member of a team, and hard work.  All of these values are things I try to build into each group fitness or personal training session.  I believe that fitness is for everyone, regardless of background, and that it is a lifetime investment in yourself.

Montrey Jackson

Montrey J.

Certification: NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Theme Song: "Ambition" - Wale
Alter Ego Name: Beast Mode

I was a former high school varsity athlete in football, powerlifting and wrestling. After high school, I wanted to pursue my career in the health field to become a strength and conditioning coach. I became a personal trainer to help others reach their fitness goals, and I want to gain more experience in order to excel in my career. Before I became a trainer, I was interning for UH Athletics as a strength and conditioning coach. I love training, not just for the physical benefits, but also for the internal benefits that comes with training as well!

Nathan Ator

Nathan A.

Certification: ACE Certified Personal Trainer
Theme Song: "Immigrant Song" - Led Zepplin
Alter Ego Name: Nathanater

Baseball has always been my passion, and I was a starting varsity pitcher for two years. I hope to take my love of sports and transform it into a career. In addition to working as a trainer, I am also a member of Pi Kappa Phi.

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