Special Needs


Academic advising for major-undeclared students

While students with a declared major will find counseling from the College of their major, students who have not yet declared a major can still receive academic advising and support from the Academic Advising Center of Undergraduate Scholars at UH.

For more information, contact Undergraduate Scholars at UH and visit their web site at: http://uscholars.uh.edu/.

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Freshmen, commuter, and transfer students:
College Success Program

College Success is a program designed to help freshmen, commuter, and transfer students join mainstream college life here at the University of Houston. Students who are members of the College Success Program consistently earn higher GPAs and are less likely to drop out than others who do not join.

Administered through Undergraduate Scholars at UH, this program is designed to ease the transition from high school or other learning institutions and to help students succeed. Students become part of an academic support system, receive guidance in navigating the core curriculum, and use concrete mechanisms to help them integrate with university community life.

For more information, contact Undergraduate Scholars at UH and visit their website at: http://uscholars.uh.edu/CSP/.

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Medical and administrative withdrawals

Under circumstances of medical or other extraordinary need, students may petition for withdrawal from the University through the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs. The office provides information to the student about required documentation and the medical withdrawal policy. Undergraduate Academic Affairs will work with students to assess documentation and will seek recommendations from faculty members regarding the request for a withdrawal.

Students should be mindful however that medical and administrative withdrawal procedures require that a student be withdrawn from all courses for the semester and do not guarantee that the student will receive a refund for the semester's tuition and fees.

For more information, visit: Student Policy Updates - Information for Dropping and Withdrawing,  or contact the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

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Academic Honesty Policy - FAQs

The University of Houston Academic Honesty Policy is posted online at: http://www.uh.edu/academics/catalog/policies/academ-reg/academic-honesty/ and also appears in each edition of the Student Handbook.

The FAQs are intended to clarify Academic Honesty processes, not to substitute for the complete policy. It is each student’s responsibility to be aware of the Academic Honesty Policy.

Click here to review the FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions about the Academic Honesty Policy.

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Additional Resources

Where to find Student Academic Forms

To facilitate many of the common activities you will choose or encounter in your academic life, the University of Houston has collected links to the various forms and accompanying information which may be required for each one.

Visit the Academic Forms page to access the Authorization to Release Educational Records form, the General Petition form, Veterans' forms, information on ordering transcripts, and more.

Click here to download the UHS Reference Request & FERPA Release form [120 kb .pdf]. (need .pdf reader?)

Information about the Student Disabilities and Academic Accommodations Policy and Procedure

This policy outlines the commitment of the University of Houston to providing opportunities and resources for student access and success. The policy offers definitions and policy inclusions as well as outlining the student and faculty roles and responsiblities in the process. The policy applies to all University of Houston students with disabilities who seek academic accommodations: undergraduate, graduate and professional students of the University of Houston as well as to all of its non-degree and post-baccalaureate students.

Reasonable academic accommodations are those adjustments, services or equipment so that a student with a disability may have equal access to her/his academic program and equal opportunity to academic progress.

It is the responsibility of each individual student to self-report to the Center for Students with DisABILITIES (CSD). Only students registered with the CSD may request academic accommodations.

To read the full policy, please see the UH Policy, Guidelines, Resources information in the Shared Interest area of this site.


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