Informational Resources

The UH Undergraduate Catalog

Produced by the Office of Academic Program Management, the Undergraduate Catalog serves the entire UH community, detailing for students their academic requirements, offering degree plan outlines and course descriptions, and providing a wealth of information about the University of Houston in general. The UH Undergraduate Catalog is presented online at:

Older print versions (2005-2007 and earlier) are archived for public reference at the M.D. Anderson Memorial Library.


The UH Core Curriculum

The University of Houston core curriculum consists of a collection of foundation courses designed to support the high standards of education adopted as common for all Texas institutions of higher education.

The University's core curriculum is informed by a series of basic intellectual competencies - reading, writing, speaking, listening, critical thinking, and computer literacy - that are essential to the learning process in all disciplines.

All students at the University of Houston are required to complete courses which fulfill this curriculum. The academic categories of the core curriculum are designed to provide students with the breadth and depth of learning needed to realize these essential competencies.

To review the core curriculum, visit the UH Undergraduate Catalog.


The UH Graduate Catalog

Produced by the Graduate School and presented on line at:, this catalog presents graduate-specific academic policies, degree plans and course descriptions. The Graduate Catalog also offers vital information for graduate students about support services, assistantships, and much more. For more information, visit the Graduate School web site at: