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Fiscal Year 2012

University of Houston and UH Academic Affairs planning and budgeting for fiscal year 2012 is complete. Documents related to this process are available through the links below.

Annual Planning Process Documents

Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Planning

Development of the fiscal year 2012 plan and budget for University of Houston Academic Affairs is a comprehensive process that includes faculty, chairs, deans and university administration. Each college prepares a plan as outlined by the Provost, which is reviewed at a budget hearing. The division budget plan is then presented to the President.

Select from the documents below to learn more about the University of Houston’s current initiatives and goals.

Reduction Plan Memorandum - 5·02·11

Fiscal Year 2012 University of Houston Planning Guidelines - 3·02·11

Academic Affairs Fiscal Year 2012 Planning Workbook (FY12 Template)