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Non-Tenure Track Faculty

The following policy and procedures are dedicated to all aspects of non-tenure track (NTT) faculty employment at the University of Houston. Any questions arising over reconciliation of academic policies and procedures as described in these documents shall be within the discretion of the Office of the Provost to determine after appropriate review and consideration. To the extent that the current 2016 Faculty Handbook contains references to NTT faculty which differ or suggest a conflict or ambiguity in interpretation, the following NTT faculty policy documents will govern.

Implementation of the new NTT policy and the provisions of the procedures for “grand-fathering” existing NTT faculty members will be phased in over one calendar year beginning in the fall semester of 2016. This one year transition period will allow departments/colleges time, if required, to align their existing policies and procedures with the new university-level NTT policy. In addition, all title changes, clarification of roles and responsibilities and the transfer (or not) of existing NTT faculty members to the promotion-eligible career pathway must be by the end of the one year transition period.

All questions, requests for clarification, written justifications, requests for position title changes and/or requests for exceptions concerning the new NTT policy should be initially addressed to Academic Affairs in the Office of Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs.

Please email Jane Olinger, Assistant Provost, Academic Policy, Faculty Affairs, with any questions at