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Academic Affairs Listings by Office

Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, UH System
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, UH
Paula Myrick Short, Ph.D.

P: 832-842-0550
F: 832-842-5142

Direct Reports:

Chief of Staff
Cindy Mejia | 713-743-5369

Director of Communications and Marketing:
Christine Klocke | 713-743-1182

Executive Administrative Assistant:
Elizabeth Wingfield | 713-743-2314

Pamela Simpson | 832-842-0549

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Academic Programs

Vice Provost, Academic Programs
Bruce Jones, Ph.D. | 713-743-2490

Administrative Assistant:
Dana Green | 713-743-4798

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Education Innovation and Technology

204 Ezekiel W. Cullen Building
F: 713-743-0358

Associate Provost, Education Innovation and Technology
Jeff Morgan, Ph.D.

Administrator, Business Department:
Chimyra McKelvey | 832-842-5702

Executive Administrative Assistant:
Janis James | 832-842-4725

Direct Reports:

  • Marketing and Enrollment Support

  • Off-Campus Operations

Director, Off-Campus Operations:
Nancy Herron | 713-743-5096

  • Distance Education

101 Conrad N. Hilton Hotel & College
P: 713-743-3327
F: 713-743-3300

  • UH Northwest Campus

20515 SH 249
P: 832-842-5700
F: 832-842-5701

Program Director, UH Northwest Campus:

  • Educational Technology-Faculty and Departmental Instructional Support

204 Classroom and Business Building

Director, Faculty Design and Instructional Support:
Teresa Acosta, Ph.D. | 832-842-2142

  • Continuing and Professional Studies

102 Conrad N. Hilton Hotel & College
F: 713-743-3300

  • Continuing Studies

102 Conrad N. Hilton Hotel & College
P: 713-743-1060
F: 713-743-1203

Director, Continuing Studies:
Mercedes Suraty-Clarke | 713-743-1185

  • Blackboard Functional Support

Manager, Computing Systems:
Georgette Michko, Ed.D | 713-743-1757

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Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs

Associate Provost, Faculty Development and Faculty Affairs
Mark Clarke, Ph.D.

Direct Reports:

Executive Administrative Assistant:
Lisa Farr | 713-743-6894

  • Academic Policy

Assistant Provost, Academic Policy, Faculty Affairs
Jane Olinger | 713-743-9392

  • Faculty Affairs and Assessment

Senior Faculty Affairs and Assessment Analyst:
Sarah Castillo | 713-743-9168

Faculty Affairs Analyst:
Leslie Copeland | 713-743-0151

Program Director:
Andrea Short | 713-743-2988

  • Faculty Recruitment, Retention, Equity and Diversity

Assistant Provost, Faculty Recruitment, Retention, Equity and Diversity:
Erika Henderson, Ed.D. | 713-743-0486

Executive Administrator for Faculty Recruitment and Retention:
Olga Selley | 713-743-9576

  • Ombuds Services

Visit the Web Site

Faculty and Staff Ombudsperson
Jeanna Abbott, Ph.D.

Ombuds Services

Please call or email for an appointment
Ombuds Office: 713-743-2417
Faculty Office: 713-743-2413

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Finance and Administration

Associate Provost, Finance and Administration
Sabrina Hassumani, Ph.D.

Reporting Unit:

  • Finance and Administration, Office of the Provost

Assistant to Associate Provost and Department Business Administrator:
Alyssa Barrineau | 832-842-0556

Assistant Director, Finance and Administration, Office of the Provost:
Thuyhang (Vivianne) Do | 713-743-0449

  • Provost Business Office

502 Ezekiel W. Cullen Building
F: 713-743-0457

Executive Director, Provost Business Office:
Bill Kersten | 713-743-6889

Department Business Administrators, Provost Business Office:

Alyssa Barrineau | 832-842-0556

Bradley Eanes | 713-743-0444

Vanessa Torres | 713-743-0442

Sabrina York | 713-743-0443

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Global Strategies and Studies

Vice Provost, Global Strategies and Studies
Jaime Ortiz, Ph.D.

Direct Reports:

Executive Administrative Assistant:
Leah Scott | 713-743-9338

  • Global Initiatives

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  • International Student and Scholar Services

Visit the Web Site

  • Learning Abroad

Visit the Web Site

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Graduate School

102 Ezekiel W. Cullen Building

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Vice Provost and Dean, University of Houston Graduate School
Dmitri Litvinov, Ph.D.

Reporting Units:

Assistant Director, Graduate and International Admissions:
Megan Wright | 713-743-4995

Assistant Director, Graduate Programs and Student Records:
Chris Foster | 713-743-6385

Assistant to Dean:
Princess Ephriam | 713-743-9100

  • Graduate Admissions

Visit the Web Site

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Institutional Planning and Analysis

204 Ezekiel W. Cullen Building
F: 713-743-7899

Associate Vice Chancellor/Associate Provost, Institutional Planning and Analysis
Chris Stanich, J.D.

Reporting Units:

  • Planning and Policy

Director, Planning and Policy:
Jason Thurlkill, M.P.P | 713-743-5231

  • Institutional Research and Information Management

Executive Director, Institutional Research and Information Management:
Susan Moreno, Ph.D. | 713-743-0640

  • Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment and Accreditation

Director, Institutional Effectiveness, Assessment and Accreditation:
Miguel Ramos, Ph.D. | 713-743-4372

  • Facilities Planning and Analysis

Director, Facilities Planning and Analysis:
Currently Vacant

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Outreach and Community Engagement

Associate Provost, Outreach and Community Engagement
Richard D. Phillips

Direct Reports:

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Strategic Enrollment Planning

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Associate Provost, Strategic Enrollment Planning
Maureen Grimes Croft, Ph.D.

Senior Research Analyst:
Robert Armand | 713-743-7492

Senior Research Analyst:
Stan Hall, Ph.D. | 713-743-7440

Senior Research Analyst:
Emily Leffler | 713-743-1576

Senior Research Analyst:
Jenna Tucker, Ph.D. | 713-743-6355

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Undergraduate Student Success

Vice Provost, Undergraduate Student Success
Teri Elkins Longacre, Ph.D.

Reporting Units:

  • Undergraduate Student Success Center

P: 832-842-2100

Assistant Vice Provost, Undergraduate Student Success:
Melissa Pierson, Ph.D.

  • Exploratory Studies 

Visit the Web Site

  • Challenger Program

319 Student Service Center 1

Visit the Web Site

  • Educational Testing

Visit the Web Site

Patrick Daniel | 713-743-5434

  • Learning Support Services

N109 Cougar Village (bldg. 563)

Visit the Web Site

  •  Pre-Health Advising

Visit the Web Site

  • Undergraduate Academic Affairs

Assistant Dean:
Heidi Kennedy, Ph.D. | 713-743-9187

Student Success Analyst:
Caroline Neary | 713-743-7105

Program Coordinator - Student Contact:
Sara Diaz | 713-743-9112

Undergraduate Committee and Catalog Program Manager:
Dina Galley | 713-743-0919

  • Retention and Graduation Initiatives

P: 713-743-0289

Director, Retention and Graduation Initiatives:
Tara Sass | 713-743-1603

Program Coordinator 2, Retention and Graduation Initiatives:
Dewayne Stafford | 713-743-7543

Program Coordinator 2, Retention and Graduation Initiatives:
Sara Khalifa | 713-743-7773

  • Writing Center

234 Classroom and Business Building

Visit the Web Site

Executive Director:
Marjorie Chadwick | 713-743-2587

  • Transfer Advising Program

Welcome Center
F: 713-743-0955

Visit the Web Site

Program Director 2:
James Simpson | 713-743-1905

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UH Energy

Visit the Web Site

Chief Energy Officer
Ramanan Krishnamoorti, Ph.D.

Office Coordinator:
Rachel Henton | 713-743-8369

Office Coordinator:
Sarah Mae Jones | 713-743-6622

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