President Renu Khator issues statement rejecting anti-Israel academic boycott

On behalf of the University of Houston, I write to express my strong opposition to the American Studies Association’s proposed boycott of Israeli universities. 

Any effort to limit the free exchange of ideas between institutions of higher learning in Israel and their counterparts in the United States, and around the world, is to be condemned and rejected as intrinsically contrary to the very foundations of the academy’s mission – to foster the free-flow exchange of diverse views, opinions, and ideas.  We unequivocally oppose such a boycott and reject as offensive and objectionable any such move.
In these dangerous times, when the clash of ideologies and beliefs often results in violence and warfare, it is more necessary than ever to maintain and nurture dialog between the world’s peoples, organizations, and institutions, despite any differences nations might have.
We call upon universities around the nation and throughout the world who still have not done so, to denounce this attempt to isolate Israeli institutions of higher learning, and we commend those who have already endorsed the rejection of the proposed American Studies Association’s boycott.

Renu Khator
President, University of Houston