UH System Chancellors and UH Presidents

For most of its history, the UH System has referred to its chief executive officer as Chancellor and to the CEO of its four universities as President, with two exceptions to this practice.  First, between 1956 and 1961, the University of Houston had both a Chancellor and a President, an arrangement never repeated since.  Second, when the smaller campuses first became universities, their CEOs were called Chancellors. 

After the UH System was created in 1977, the title of UH’s CEO was also changed to Chancellor and the title of the UH System’s CEO was changed to President.  The titles were reversed in 1986, and remain so to this day.  In 1997, the administrations of the UH System and the University of Houston were combined under one CEO, with the dual title of Chancellor of the UH System and President of the University of Houston.

 (*) denotes dual UH System and UH titles and responsibilities

UH System

Philip G. Hoffman, 1977-79
Charles E. Bishop, 1980-86
Wilbur L. Meier, 1986-89
Glenn A. Goerke (interim), 1989
Alexander F. Schilt, 1989-95
William P. Hobby, 1995-97
Arthur K. Smith*, 1997-03
Jay Gogue*, 2003-07
John Rudley* (interim), 2007
Renu Khator*, 2008-

University of Houston

Edison D. Oberholtzer, President, Houston Junior College, 1927-34, and President, UH, 1934-50
Walter W. Kemmerer (acting), 1950-52, President, 1953
Charles F. McElhinney (acting), 1953-54
A. D. Bruce, President, 1954-56, and Chancellor, 1956-61
Clanton W. Williams, 1956-60
Philip G. Hoffman, 1961-77
Barry Munitz, 1977-83
Hugh Walker (interim), 1982-83
Richard L. Van Horn, 1983-89
George E. Magner (interim), 1989-90
Marguerite Ross Barnett, 1990-92
James H. Pickering (acting, interim), 1992, President, 1992-95
Glenn A. Goerke, 1995-97
Arthur K. Smith*, 1997-03
Jay Gogue*, 2003-07
John Rudley* (interim), 2007
Renu Khator*, 2008-

UH-Clear Lake

Alfred R. Neumann, 1972-82
Thomas M. Stauffer, 1982-91
Glenn A. Goerke, 1991-95
William A. Staples, 1995-


W. I. Dykes, 1972-75
J. Don Boney, 1975-80
Alexander F. Schilt, 1980-87
Manuel T. Pacheco, 1987-91
George W. Magner (interim), 1991-92
Max Castillo, 1992-2009
Bill Flores, 2009-


Reginald Taylor, 1972-78
Robert C. Maxson, 1978-82
Martha K. Piper, 1982-86
Glenn A. Goerke, 1986-91
Don N. Smith (interim), 1991-92
Lesta Van Der Wert Turchen, 1992-95
Karen S. Haynes, 1995-04
Don N. Smith (interim), 2004
Tim Hudson, 2004-2010
Philip Castille, 2011- 2014
Vic Morgan (interim), 2014 -