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Contact the Tobacco Task Force co-chairs, Kathryn Peek and Floyd Robinson, at

Members of the UH Tobacco Task Force (TTF) Oversight Committee are appointed annually by key university administrators and by the presidents of the Faculty Senate, the Staff Council and the Student Government Association. Members of the 2012-2013 TTF Oversight Committee include:

Kathryn Peek, Assistant Vice President for University Health Initiatives-Academic Affairs (Co-Chair)
Floyd Robinson, Assistant Vice President for Health & Wellness-Student Affairs (Co-Chair)
Cedric Bandoh, President, Student Government Association
Josie Ceasar, Senator, Student Government Association
Darren Dunn, Athletics-External Relations
Peggy Levy, Policies & Procedures
Elsie Meyers, Staff Council
Joan Nelson, Executive Director, Human Resources
Carla Ponzio, Director, Human Resources
Mary Rae, Chief Physician, Student Health Center
Kirstin Rochford, Director, Research Compliance
Lauri Ruiz, Assistant General Counsel
Theresa Singletary, Director, Office of the President
Laura Tolley, Senior Media Relations Specialist, Office of Marketing & Communication
Al Warner, Professor of Education & Faculty Senate Representative
Shara Zatopek, Associate Dean, College of Pharmacy

A number of others have served on TTF working groups devoted to logistics of tobacco policy implementation, communications, and education.