Infrastructure Planning

The Infrastructure Committee addresses the expansion, logistics, and business continuity of campus infrastructure and supporting utilities.  It also builds cross-campus initiatives and partnerships with the city and surrounding entities to improve the campus landscape.



  • Bob Browand – Director, Parking and Transportation
  • Cynthia Ramos - Manager, Facilities Management Programs, Facilities Management, (Committee Coordinator)
  • David Johnson - Executive Director, Technology Services & Support, Technology Services and Support
  • Craig Ness - Associate Provost Finance and Administration
  • Melissa Rockwell-Hopkins – Executive Director, Facilities Management
  • Michael Wheeler – Senior Project Manager, Utility & Technical Services
  • Mike Yancey – Director, Facilities Planning, Facilities Planning & Construction
  • Patricia Oliver - Dean, Architecture
  • Patrick Peters - Professor, Architecture
  • Roger Warner – Assistant Director, Central Facilities Services, Facilities Management
  • Sam Longoria – Manager, Telecommunications, Enterprise Systems
  • Sameer Kapileshwari – Senior Director, Facilities Management
  • Sean York – Director, UH Real Estate Services